Looking Back

I often look back at how technology has changed our business over the past 18 years I’ve been here at Drive Star.

A business that seems to be simply moving a vehicle from point A to B has now evolved to much more.  We went from tracking drivers/moves on paper and pen to spreadsheets on the computer to now the industry leading enterprise solution from TMW.

It’s truly remarkable to imagine how we use to consume 20 boxes of paper each month to only 1 box each month with our sophisticated imaging system.  We continue to embrace innovation and lead our industry by providing our customers an on-line portal we named StarTrak.

We offer our valued customers enhanced self-service options that enable them to track current shipments online, view supporting delivery documents for completed shipments, request a freight pick-up or even a rate quote, 24/7.

It doesn’t stop there…we have started testing real-time GPS tracking on our fleet of chase vehicles and highway tractors.

As well handheld devices will be deployed to our driver base in the 3rd quarter of this year providing both drivers and customers with real-time information and seamless integration to our StarTrak system.

Where does technology take us from here?

We’ll all have to wait and see but I’m sure Drive Star will lead the way….

Simon Duong,
Director of Operations,
Drive Star


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