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Did you know?

  • That it is speculated that the drive-a-way industry is said to generate in excessive of $ 800,000,000 US in annual revenues.
  • That by Market Definition the industry is broken down into four distinct and unique segments;
  • The “O.E.M.” market which would be the delivery of new class 7 & 8 trucks from the manufacturing plants
  • The “Secondary and Aftermarket” sector. This market segment is comprised of everything from dealer transfers, to banks & leasing companies, body manufacturers, fleets, utility companies, rental companies, etc… steeringwheel
  • The “RV” market is another sector that is very large and sees thousands upon thousands of new motor homes transported each year. Again, these motor homes can be transported from the manufacturing plants to the dealers or rental fleets.
  • Lastly, the “Automobile” drive-a-way industry is used by corporations and the general public alike. New and used cars are transported around North America relocating them to a location of the owners’ choosing. Generally, these cars are moved for companies relocating executives, rental car companies, leasing companies, auctions or when individuals would rather fly but want their own automobile to meet them at the final destination.
  • That the majority of vehicles transported in the O.E.M. market is done through the use of union drivers.
  • That the majority of vehicles transported in the “Secondary” market are done through the use of drivers that are Independent Contractors.
  • That trucks moved one by one are referred to as “Single Drives”
  • That the method of transporting a series of vehicles with a single driver is referred to as “Decking” or “Piggybacking”
  • That Deck loads can be moved as “2 Ways”, “3 Ways” or “4 Ways”
  • That they maximum overall length of a divisible load is 75′ 6″
  • That the maximum permitted over-all height is 13’ 6″
  • That trucks moved via the drive-a-way method as Singles, Decks or with booms are all subject to the same rules and regulations as any other Motor Carrier.
  • That drive-a-way drivers are required to follow the same “Hours of Service” regulations that other commercial drivers are required to follow
  • That drive-a-way shipments are subject to D.O.T. enforcement and that all commercial vehicles must report to weigh scales while in transit
  • That drive-a-way drivers are subject to drug testing, both pre-hire and random
  • That drive-a-way drivers must log all time spent while traveling between points when using public transportation including rental cars, planes, buses, etc…
  • That drive-a-way companies are subject to the rules and regulations as set forth in the “FMCSR” handbook dashboard
  • That the acronym “FMCSR” stands for “Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations”
  • That Independent Contractors in the USA are subject too and will receive a “Form 1099” each year for tax purposes
  • That Independent Contractors in Canada are responsible to report their income earned while contracted as a Contract Driver.
  • That in both Canada and the United States all Independent Contractor’s are responsible to keep copies of all receipts for purchases made for tax reporting purposes
  • That drive-a-way companies are subject to the same “IFTA” regulations that other Common Carriers are subject to.
  • That trucks being transported on Canadian Dealer Plates or American Transporter Tags require specific and special insurance endorsements, of which “Garage Policies” or “Garage Keepers” insurance is not sufficient on a stand alone basis
  • That when a Canadian drive-a-way company is transporting vehicles from Canada to the United States, the available insurance coverage limits are affected by foreign exchange rates.
  • That the industry name for the small vehicle being towed behind a commercial vehicle during the delivery process is called a “Tow behind” or “Chase Car” For many other interesting facts and figures please contact us at 866-DRV-STAR

For many other interesting facts and figures please contact us at 866-378-7827